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August 1, 2014 - El Cajon, CA
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Hello. Welcome to the Walker Family Reunion web site. We created this special place on the Web to share information about our reunion on August 1, 2014. We hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected with the timeline and events leading up to the reunion. We look forward to sharing reunion news, updates and information with everyone. Feel free to use the contact page to reach us with any questions or concerns.

Family is so precious, and the bonds we share are with us for a lifetime. We are having the reunion this summer, as a general concensus of opinion was why wait to gather, and share our heritage and our lives with our loved ones. We look forward to seeing you, and to passing on this rich tradition to our children, and to rebuild or reconnect the bonds of family to one and all!

We are many times grateful for your inspiring approach and cooperation with you.

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  The Reunion

In August 2014, many of the descendants of Richard and Grace Walker Sr. gathered near San Diego, CA for a celebration of our families, and our heritage! It is hard to believe that almost a decade has passed since that joyous event.

In an effort to reconvene once again, and rejoice in the bonds and heritage we all share, another Walker Family Reunion is happening on August 1, 2014. Here is what has been planned to date: a gathering on Saturday August 1, 2014 in El Cajon, CA at the residence of Ron and Lynne Walker (the site of the 2014 reunion). This event will be catered, and there will be a small change per person (the amount will differ for adults and children) to help offset the cost of food and beverages. There will be gatherings and events for the entire family all weekend, but the primary reunion will take place Saturday afternoon.

Please take some time to check your schedule, and confirm for us through the contact page that you and your family will be attending. We will be posting travel and accomodation links in the next several days to help you find the best possible arrangements, and are currently negotiating for group hotels and airport shuttle rates as well. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask. Everyone's questions or concerns will be addressed as best as possible.

Click this link to visit 
The Walker Family Reunion Blog. Please go to the blog and subscribe, for updates and ongoing information about the reunion.

We made so many great memories at the last reunion and are looking forward to gathering everyone together again! 

We hope you will enjoy exploring this site and will check back again soon. We will update this site and the blog often.

Thanks for visiting!

Eileen Walker De Lucia
[email protected]                          


Doug Ernst
[email protected]